UIC’s Own Husband and Wife Tree

Treeterns - husband and wife treesThrough the Sustainability Internship Program at UIC’s Office of Sustainability, I have been exposed to a lot of amazing trees, but the most incredible thing I have been introduced to is the inosculated tree on UIC’s west campus. So what does inosculated mean? It means that two different species of trees have fused together forming a symbiotic and mutual relationship. This tree, fondly called UIC’s Husband and Wife tree, is part Serviceberry and part Crabapple. Looking closely at the tree you can see it produces both berries and apples. Another amazing thing about this tree is that is also produces two different sets of leaves. Every aspect of this tree is extraordinary, such as the trunk, you can pinpoint exactly where the trees have fused together. You can also distinguish the two different types of bark, as the apple tree has smooth bark while the berry tree has rough bark. Another fun fact about this tree is that inosculation is a phenomenon similar to grafting, ironic considering that it is located next to the College of Medicine.

-Karima Patel