Tree Campus USA- Reason to Environmental Revitalization.

When I first heard about SIP internship for Tree Campus USA, it ignited my interest to acquire more knowledge of what it is. When I googled Tree Campus USA, unexpectedly, I opened the website for Tree Campus USA sponsored by the Arbor Tree foundation.  I learned about the sponsorship of the program and how it encourages other college campus to adapt to green practices.  It is delightful to know about numerous campuses that are involved in this novel work. The site’s information of how their global initiative could help sustain the environment for the future was fascinating and this enticed me to be a tree-tern (Tree Campus USA Inter).

As a Tree-tern, we were introduced to the asset value of trees.  At Tree Campus USA, we are not just researching, but also engaging UIC student community in sustainable work practices.  We have been working on a research project, which illustrate and examines the growth rate of Native vs Non Native species.  Further, data were taken for top 13 abundant trees from 5000 UIC tree canopies to elucidate the growth rate of the UIC tree forest. This research can be used to prosper tree biodiversity on campus, while making an iDOT tree plan.  Data sets were used to run t-test and chi-square analysis to acquire significance of numbers. See the full poster-style report here.

Neel Thakkar - Tree CampusBy: Neel Thakkar