SIP Mentor Information

A resource page for UIC faculty and staff that wish to mentor an intern from the Office of Sustainability.

A SIP student can provide your department...

  • Goals A motivated student intern can you help accomplish organizational goals.

  • New You'll have the opportunity to implement new programs or jumpstart sustainability projects.

  • 100% You'll work with a committed intern that is coordinated through the Office of Sustainability.

  • Your Role as a Mentor

    Devise a sustainability project(s) to be researched or accomplished in Spring 2019

    Identify a supervisor that will provide oversight to the project and intern

    Create a project timeline and project goals with the student intern

    Provide feedback for intern throughout the internship and evaluate project success as part of the intern’s final letter grade

  • What the Office of Sustainability Will Provide

    Recruit interns and coordinate interview process in order to select the most qualified intern for your project

    Be available as a resource for the mentors and interns

    Facilitate and run the weekly Sustainability Seminar

    Review the student’s progress and final presentation

    Review student assignments

    Assign a letter grade to the student upon the completion of the internship

How do I get involved?

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