Eco-Educators are the University of Illinois at Chicago Office of Sustainability's’ volunteer corps. Become an Eco-Educator by completing the form below. Next, your email will be added to the Eco-Educator email list. Whenever there is an event on campus that needs your help, you will be notified about one to four weeks in advance. If you are able to volunteer for that event, simply reply to the email with your name, email, and time(s) that you are available. It's that easy!

What Eco-Educators Do

Eco-Educators stand befind a recycling station

Eco-Educators help event goers properly sort their waste by helping them decide which bin to put their trash in. Events where Eco-Educators are presents increase recycling by over 75%!

Eco-Educators stand behind boxes of file folders

Eco-Educators help set-up and run annual events like the Great Stuff Exchange. (They also get first-dibs on all the free stuff we give away!)

Eco-Educators talk to faculty at a UIC event

Eco-Educators help talk about our sustainable initiatives and spread the good word at events on campus.

Eco-Educator Plating in the Prairie

Eco-Educators help plant trees and native plants all over campus.

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