Solar Power

All about renewable energy:  Solar Power!

A view of the soalr panels on top Lincoln and Douglas Halls

A view on top Grant, Lincoln and Douglas Halls. Click on the picture to see Lincoln Hall’s live energy data

The sun is an amazing resource when it comes to energy. For as long as we will be living the sun will be giving us what is essentially free energy, as long as we can harness it. Solar energy is a great alternate energy source, because not only is it not going to run out for billions of years, it is completely clean energy. It is amazing to see that the University of Illinois at Chicago is making such a great example by integrating solar power in its energy supply.

UIC generates electricity in the form of solar panels on the roofs of Lincoln Hall and Douglas Hall as one of the University’s source of on-site renewable energy. Douglas Hall’s solar array was partially funded by a generous grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation,

The solar panels, or photovoltaics, is a method of generating electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current (DC) electricity. There is no need to burn coal, oil, or natural gas and eliminates all direct greenhouse gas emissions related to electricity generation.

By the numbers

 Click on the links to see live energy data! Lincoln Hall Douglas Hall Total
Number of solar panels on the roof  224 245 469
Size of solar panels  51.52 kW 54.81 kW  106.33 kW
Electricity produced in 2015  55,968 kWh  55,072 kWh  111,040 kWh
 Greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction in 2015*  38.6 metric tons CO2e 38.0 metric tons CO2e  76.6 metric tons CO2e
 *estimated from
Total electricity produced through 2015  (since 02/2010) 363,896 kWh  (since 09/2011) 322,693 kWh  686,587 kWh
 Total  Greenhouse gases (GHG) reduced through 2015*  251 metric tons CO2e  223 metric tons CO2e  473 metric tons CO2e
 *estimated from


You can see real-time energy data here for the solar panels on Lincoln and Douglas Hall.

Check out the time-lapse video (complete with funky synth soundtrack!) of the panels being installed on Lincoln Hall and then delve more into all the green features, including the solar panels, of Douglas Hall here.