Strategy 2.0 Clean and Renewable Energy Sources

solar panels on Douglas Hall

These portfolio solutions will help UIC achieve its commitment to be a Carbon Neutral Campus and could save UIC nearly 75,000 MTCO2e annually. Read the full report, including how we calculated the greenhouse gas reduction potential in the full Climate Action Implementation Plan.

download the full UIC Climate Action Implementation Plan

2.1 Procure Renewable Energy

Solution 2.1.1 Indirect (10-year) PPA

Instead of purchasing a traditional mix of electricity from the grid, UIC can purchase non-direct renewable power. Indirect long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) are a financial transaction between the generating facility (like a wind farm)  and the off-taker (like UIC). No renewable power is physically delivered. Instead of routing renewable power to the off-taker, the generator sells the power directly to the grid and receives the open market price. This could reduce UIC’s GHG emissions by nearly 55,000 MTCO2e annually.

Solution 2.1.2 Onsite (10-year) PPA Solar PV Rooftop Generation

Onsite renewable energy such as solar PV rooftop generation, is a way to physically source a portion of a facility’s energy needs, improve the fuel diversity of the system, and promote energy independence by visibly demonstrating a civic commitment to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

2.2 Utilize Thermal Alternatives

Solution  2.2.1 Onsite Power Plant Electricity Production

Power plants at UIC use an engine or turbine to generate electricity and utilize the excess heat generated from equipment for heating buildings. This can be up to twice as efficient in its energy use as a typical coal or gas-fired powered electricity plant.  This solution will conduct a heat rate analysis to better deploy assets to generate electricity in a more economic manner.