Strategy 1.0 Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Students walking outside of Lincoln Hall

These portfolio solutions will help UIC achieve its commitment to be a Carbon Neutral Campus and could save UIC over 55,000 MTCO2e annually. Read the full report, including how we calculated the greenhouse gas reduction potential in the full Climate Action Implementation Plan.

download the full UIC Climate Action Implementation Plan (PDF)

1.1 Implement Strategic Energy Management (SEM)

Solution 1.1.1 SEM: Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) Portfolio

A central component of the SEM is the development and management of an Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) Portfolio that will identify quick payback energy savings projects like steam trap replacements, LED upgrades, and energy retrofit projects. This solution has the potential to save UIC almost 40,000 MTCO2e.

Solution 1.1.2 SEM: Green Revolving Fund

The Green Revolving Fund (GRF) would provide financing to implement energy efficiency measures and other sustainability-related projects which will generate financial savings. These savings would then be tracked and used to replenish the fund for the next round of projects identified.

1.2 Reduce Energy Demand

Reducing UIC’s energy demand will reduce the need to purchase electricity. When new buildings are built to replace old ones, or major renovations are undertaken, UIC Building Standards need to ensure that the highest energy efficiency standards are adopted. Additionally, the occupants of buildings (colleges, departments, units, and individuals) need to be engaged and incentivized to buy efficient equipment.

Solution 1.2.1 Building Standards (2025 IECC)

UIC must follow the 2015 IECC standards, as well as the ASHRAE Standard 90.1 (2013), through design and construction for commercial buildings. This Portfolio Solution requires that UIC go beyond compliance to meet the projected 2025 IECC standard for new buildings, which is roughly 50% less energy intense than the current 2015 standard, as projected by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). This has the potential to save UIC 11,000 MTCO2e GHG annually.

Solution 1.2.2 Energy Conscious Campus

This Portfolio Solution calls for staffing, technology, and best management practices that  would target an annual reduction of 1.5% in campus energy consumption by actively training and educating building occupants on how to shift habits into a more energy conscious manner. Under this project, information about all energy-savings related efforts will be communicated to the campus and beyond. This could save UIC 4,000 MTCO2e annually.