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UIC Climate Commitments Scavenger Hunt

Pollinators on native plants in a rain garden next to a LEED-certified building

There are many ways UIC can achieve its Climate Commitment goals. Can you find them all?

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is committed to creating a resilient campus and recognizes the impacts of climate change.

The UIC Climate Commitments include goals to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, be less wasteful and more resourceful by pledging to become a Carbon Neutral Campus, a Zero Waste Campus, a Net Zero Water Campus and Biodiverse Campus. UIC also pledges to create sustainability-focused learning and research opportunities via the Teaching and Learning Climate Commitment.

The Climate Action Implementation Plan (CAIP) lays out exactly how the university should achieve these goals. The data on the CAIP Portal helps the university track its progress.

How to Play Heading link

Most of the secret locations can be found by reading through the website, “Green Campus Tour of the East Side,” watching the video, “Outdoor Tour of Sustainability at UIC” and by checking out this  interactive map that virtually highlights all of the areas on campus that showcase a Sustainable University sign.

All you’ll need to do is:

  1. Choose Your Adventure! Select a topic under one of the Climate Commitment sections and search for the secret location.
  2. Solve the hints to find the secret location. Chose just one, a few, or try to find all the locations in the scavenger hunt!
  3. Answer all the the questions for the location.
  4. Submit your answers after each location and see if you got the answers right! The website will automatically show the correct answers after you hit submit. Doing this for a class for credit? The website alerts us of “dummy” submissions too – make sure to submit only once!

Carbon Neutral Campus Heading link

Zero Waste Campus Heading link

Net Zero Water Campus Heading link

Biodiverse Campus Heading link

Teaching & Learning Heading link