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Scavenger Hunt: Tree Campus

Need Help? Check the Climate Action Implementation Plan, CAIP Portal, Green Campus Tour of UIC or the Trees webpage.

Location Hint Heading link

people admiring a tree

This outdoor space that invites people to relax and interact is a friendly and distinguished entry point to the east side of campus marked by a 2-foot red UIC “button”. Although built on top of Blue Island Avenue during the construction of “Circle Campus,” it still retains many of the original landscape features like trees and shrubs and the circular layout that Walter Netsch designed in 1968.

  • Hint: Name one solution listed in Strategy 4.0: Natural Resources and Ecosystem Services. The solution begins with 3 numbers followed by the name of the solution, "X.X.X NAME"
  • Hint: It’s in the goal of this solution.
  • Hint: Check out the UIC tree inventory on Arborscope and filter by its common name "Beech-European."
  • Please tell us your name and course number so you can get credit. (For example, "Sparky D. Dragon, US 130"). If you are doing this scavenger hunt just for fun, please write "just for fun"

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