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Scavenger Hunt: Green Infrastructure

Need Help? Check the Climate Action Implementation Plan, CAIP Portal, Green Campus Tour of UIC, or the Green Stormwater Infrastructure page.

Location Hint Heading link

newly planted rain gardens

This recently renovated plaza serves as an open, common area for students, faculty, staff and visitors of the west side of campus. Users of the plaza enjoy the space for leisure and also access the plaza to travel on campus and to surrounding facilities, including UIC’s seven health science colleges and various healthcare facilities within the Illinois Medical District. It is named after a Chicago street (south of Polk street, but north of Taylor street) that was built over when the “Illini Union” (as it was called back then) was constructed.



  • Hint: Find the Sustainable University sign near the rain gardens or permeable pavement. Or read about it in the UIC today article, "...renovations feature green infrastructure improvements, new sculpture" (December 18, 2020).
  • Hint: Name one solution listed in Strategy 4.0: Natural Resources and Ecosystem Services. The solution begins with 3 numbers followed by the name of the solution, "X.X.X NAME"
  • Hint: It's in the goal of this solution.
  • Hint: Check the Water graph on the CAIP Portal webpage.
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