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Scavenger Hunt: Geothermal Energy

Need Help? Check the Climate Action Implementation Plan, CAIP Portal, Green Campus Tour of UIC, or the Geothermal Energy page.

Location Hint Heading link

student walking in the Grant-Lincoln-Douglas Hall courtyard

There is a large green space just east of this building that contains a vertical labyrinth of 64 wells that make up the geothermal energy system that heat and cool the air in Grant, Lincoln, and Douglas Halls.


  • Hint: Find the Sustainable University sign near the concrete benches near the field.
  • Hint: Name one of the solutions listed in Strategy 1.0: Energy Efficiency and Conservation. The solution begins with 3 numbers followed by the name of the solution, "X.X.X NAME"
  • Hint: It’s in the goal of this solution.
  • Hint: Check the “kBTU/sqft” tab in the Energy graph in the CAIP Portal webpage.
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