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Scavenger Hunt: Biking & Public Transportation

Need Help? Check the Climate Action Implementation Plan, CAIP Portal, Green Campus Tour of UIC, or the Green Buildings page.

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Location Hint Heading link

student entering the CTA blue line Halsted street station

This building was designed with a “nod to Netsch,” (the original architect of the east side of campus), with call-backs to the geometric movement expressed in Netsch’s “field theory” and distinctive architecture. Taking Public Transportation to campus? Well, it is very easy to get to with its multiple bike racks and its extremely close proximity to the UIC-Halsted Blue Line CTA stop near the Peoria Street Bridge.


  • Hint: Watch the "Outdoor Tour of Sustainability at UIC" video or find in in the Buildings webpage at
  • Hint: Name one of the solutions listed in Strategy 3.0: Reduced Transportation-Related Emissions. The solution begins with 4 numbers followed by the name of the solution, "X.X.X.X NAME"
  • Hint: It’s in the goal of this solution.
  • Hint: Check the Bikes graph in the CAIP Portal webpage.
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