Zero Waste Events

Zero waste is making the effort to decrease the earth’s landfill pollution, replenish the earth’s soil by giving it nutrients for growth through composting, create new items to be produced from recyclable material, feed the hungry from successful resource recovery, all the while reducing greenhouse gas emissions (namely methane that gets produced when materials in the landfill that could otherwise be composted or recycled  decompose anaerobically- without oxygen).

A zero waste event entails the use of reusable, compostable, or recyclable materials when needed, as well as participating in resource recovery for donating untouched, packaged items. Carefully differentiating between each material and recognizing the exact materials used is critical for proper waste disposal. This is done through education by Eco-Educator volunteers, and through the implementation of "eco-stations" which are disposal bins categorized between "composting", "landfill", and recycling "glass, metal, and plastic" and "paper". The number of Eco-Educators and eco-stations and where they are placed will depend on the size of the event.