Recycling Coordinator and student recycling intern show off green nitrile gloved-hands

The LabShare program accepts donations of unwanted, but usable lab supplies. We can take usable laboratory supplies such as glassware, disposable items, and equipment. Please note that we cannot accept any broken items, equipment with “PTags,” or hazardous items.

Broken glass must be placed in a cardboard box, labeled "Broken Glass", taped securely, and sent to the landfill.

PTag items should be processed through UIC Property Accounting.

Hazardous waste (including glassware that once contained certain hazardous chemicals) should be disposed of through the Environmental Health and Safety Office.

You may drop off the supplies as well as view our curent list of supplies Monday - Friday during normal business hours at the Office of Sustainability, 1140 S. Paulina Street, Room 150. Please call ahead at 312-996-2517 or email at

LabShare "Store"

1140 S. Paulina St., 150 PSB, Chicago, Illinois 60612