Carbon Crunch

UIC energy managers and SEO building occupants can work together to  reduce carbon emissions from electricity supplied through the grid! How much carbon can the SEO building crunch?  5%?  10%? More?  Let’s Go For It!


Chicago Carbon Crunch Challenge

UIC energy managers and SEO building occupants will be working in tandem in a first-of-its-kind Chicago Carbon Crunch Challenge.  The core of this challenge is to reduce carbon emissions by reducing electricity use when that electricity is being produced from high-carbon coal. UIC is an early adopter of an innovative LEEM technology that predicts specific times when grid electricity being consumed at the SEO building is produced from coal, natural gas, or renewable energy.  As the SEO building curtails electricity use when the electricity is sourced from coal, SEO’s CO2 footprint will get smaller.  Funding for this creative pilot is provided by the Illinois Science & Energy Innovation Foundation.  Let’s see how much carbon the SEO building and community can crunch!

It’s Easy To Play! Here's How.

CO2 Emissions Intensity (lb/mWh) HOURLY FORECAST are high for some hour blocks, but lower in other hour blocks.
  1.  Look at your daily Chicago Carbon Crunch email.
  2.  Look for hours when emissions will be high.
  3.  Then reduce the juice!
    • Run computers on battery
    • Turn off lights
    • Put on a sweater while we use a little less heat or take it off while we use less A/C.


students checking their phone while sitting on the grass beneath trees

After all, it all adds up to a more Sustainable UIC and a healthier planet!

Accessibility Issues

If you are having difficulties reading or accessing the Carbon Crucn bar graph on this website, please contact Cindy Klein-Banai at 312-996-3968 or