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Bicycle Friendly University Official Silver-level seal from The League of American Bicyclists

UIC is an officially recognized Bike Friendly University.

As an official Bike Friendly University, the University of Illinois at Chicago is well connected to Chicago’s on-street bike network, and has bike parking at nearly every campus building.  Several Divvy stations on the UIC campus provide convenient transportation for getting around on campus or commuting from downtown train stations. UIC earned its BFU silver status in 2013.

Unlock your Divvy membership Heading link

students checking out a Divvy bike near the Daley Library

1. Sign up for the UIC Membership Plan here.
2. Enter program code GoFlames

Chicagoland’s bike share system, Divvy, offers discounted annual memberships for all UIC students, faculty, and staff that use, or email addresses. The Divvy for Everyone (DFE) membership allows students who receive federal aid and anyone who is low income or receives government assistance to only pay $5 for one year on unlimited 45 minute bike rides. Apply for the DFE program here.

Any questions?  Contact us at

Do Not Park in the Bike Lane Heading link

UIC Student riding east on Harrison street near University hall in a clear bike lane

Bicycle lanes are legal street designations intended for bicycle traffic only.  The use of these areas for temporary parking is prohibited and carries a penalty of $150.  Vehicles parked in bicycle lanes force bicycle riders into the lane of traffic, creating a dangerous situation for the rider and other drivers.  All UIC staff, faculty and students are strongly urged and cautioned to refrain from parking vehicles in these unauthorized locations. Those who ride bicycles and all pedestrians are likewise advised to observe traffic control devices and crosswalks, and to be alert at all times to their surroundings.

A car parked in the bike lane on eastbound Harrison street near the College of Medicine forces a cyclist out into the traffic lane with cars

To report a vehicle in a bike lane:

Call the City of Chicago at 311

Call the UIC Police at 312-996-2830

Helpful Tips for Commuting by Bike Heading link

bicycle tool kit

Fix-it Stations

If you need more air in your bike tires, you can use a Fix-It Station or visit one of the student centers and borrow a Bike Pump. The student centers also stock Repair Kits. Visit the Manager Service Window on the first floor to rent out a repair kit or bike pump with a valid i-Card. Fix-It stations are located outside SCE near the east and west entrances. There is also a Fix-It Station just outside of the MSB entrance at 835 W. Wolcott Ave.

If you are a member of Campus Rec, you can rent a bike tool kit after swiping your i-Card. If you are a resident in Campus Housing, check out one of the bike repair kits.

back wheel of a bcycle

Showers are available

Should you need to shower before going to work or class, simply visit one of the Rec centers on campus and you can use the showers in the locker rooms for up to 30 minutes. (Open to all UIC faculty, students & staff with valid i-Card and bike helmet.)

Test your Street Smarts! Laws and safety strategies for city biking

Get Involved with UIC Biking Heading link

Commuting by Bike? Check out these resources. Heading link

Abandoned Bicycle Policy & Theft Heading link

U-lock it! Heading link

Always lock your bike to a secured bike rack with a U-lock around the frame and the wheel. Use a cable around the other wheel and the U-lock to double-down on your anti-theft techniques. Trust us!