Feelin’ Good about Hackberries – Tree Campus USA

Edder Antunez - Former Tree campus USA "treetern"

Edder Antunez – Former Tree campus USA “treetern”

What can I say about my relationship with Tree Campus USA? Nothing bad really, only positive and great comments. I never cared too much about trees prior to my internship as a Tree Campus USA intern. Walking down any sidewalk, I saw trees as towering photosynthetic organisms that sequestered carbon from the atmosphere and provided aesthetic value to a community. That’s about it. Ask me to identify a tree, and I’d scoff and respond with a clueless “it’s a tree with funny leaves”.

Tree Campus Ceremony-11

Volunteers help the UIC Grounds crew plant a hackberry tree near the UIC Cogeneration facility on Friday, April 1, 2016.

 Fast forward to the present and I would bust out my “Trees of Illinois” identification book and you’d have to wait as I quickly shuffle through the pages to identify the unknown tree. I can definitely say that my relationship with Tree Campus USA has impacted me greatly in a positive way.

This was evident in our recent planting event where I was genuinely stoked about the addition of a tulip and hackberry tree as a means to increase UIC’s biodiversity. Adding more trees besides the dominating Honey locust and elm trees is a great idea and I’m looking towards next year’s tree planting event.

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