EcoReps help facilitate communication from the CCSE and Sustainability to their respective units.  We ask each department to designate a staff member to serve as a liaison – an EcoRep – to Sustainability. Only official "Delegate Authority" personnel will be able to add employees as EcoReps.

Once added as your department's EcoRep, you will be automatically added to the EcoReps listserv (hosted by ACCC) and recieve communications from

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How to become your department's EcoRep

Tips for Department/ Unit Heads

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To designate your employee as an EcoRep, head over to the ACCC Liaison Manager Website  and login at the green link near the top of the webpage.

Using the navigation menus at the top of the screen, select your unit under “My Campus Units“. Next, select the green link, “Manage Unit Liaisons“.  Then, select “EcoRep“. Finally, select ” Add New Eco Rep Liaison” and add the employee with either their netID or UIN. 

Then employee will then receive an automated email from notifying them that they have been added as an EcoRep.