Dead Supply Society Internship, Spring 2017

The Office of Sustainability is seeking an undergraduate student intern to assist with the campus writing instrument and battery collection, part of our Recycling Program.  The Dead Supply Society intern will work with Office of Sustainability staff, Physical Plant and other UIC departments in our ongoing recycling efforts. Achieving the Chancellor’s Climate Commitments involve changing institutional behavior to incorporate the principles reduce, reuse, and recycle.

In 2012, state law and industry changed the formula in the design of alkaline batteries. As a result, they’re no longer treated as hazardous waste. A consequence of this is that the City of Chicago is no longer accepting them without charge at their disposal sites, and companies that recycle batteries now charge a fee.  There are still departments that collect them, and the Physical Plant department has committed to paying to have them recycled.

The Office of Sustainability is helping to organize battery recycling, as well as a writing instrument collection, as steps toward a Zero Waste future for UIC. Last school year, interns expanded the collection sites on campus for both, and wrote a grant to purchase specialized equipment. The growing project needs organizational implementations to consolidate and expand partnerships with various colleges, departments, and centers at UIC, along with networking, data collection/analysis, and future projections.

Duties would include: Networking/Outreach to offices and students campus wide, including development of on-line promotion; Implementation of systematic pick-up/removal procedure; Development of data collection/analysis.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • a passion for recycling
  • excellent communication skills; strong interpersonal communication
  • good organizational skills
  • excellent attention for detail
  • familiarity with UIC departments and buildings
  • proficiency in Microsoft Office, including Excel

The Dead Supply Intern will be a member of the Sustainability Intern Cohort.  The Sustainability Internship Program (SIP) is a new initiative through the Office of Sustainability that offers hands-on learning experiences that help achieve the overall mission of greater social, economic and environmental sustainability in the campus community. The program consists of weekly seminars and field outings on a range of educational and skill building topics including: environmental and energy sustainability issues, cultural sustainability issues, institutional challenges and change management, campus structure and administration, campus sustainability programs and job readiness. The SIP requirements include: meeting weekly work plan goals, frequent meetings with project supervisor, attendance at weekly seminars and outings, blog posts and a final poster presentation.

This position requires up to 10 hrs/week during the Spring semester 2017.