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    Chicago is recognized nationally as a Bike Friendly University and UIC’s location puts it well within the city’s ever-expanding bike infrastructure. It’s easy to get to UIC by bike! Please clicks on the tabs above or the links below to learn more about:


    Resources and CommunityBike rack & bike facilities maps, and other resources;

    Benefits of BikingReasons why biking is a great incentive to commute to campus;

    GearThe basics of what to wear and buy you’ll need to bike around town, such as helmet types, clothing, and lighting;
    Divvydivvy_arrows Maps, links, and special university discounts for Divvy!  SafetySafty_Rules_widgetDownloadable bike safety posters, bike safety quiz, and a link to the Illinois Bicycle Safety Quiz;  Gratitude  thumbs_upThanks to all that helped make UIC a bike Friendly University!


    Bike Racks

    There are over 800 outdoor bike parking spaces at UIC.  You can be sure you can find a place close to your class to park your bike. See the Maps in the Facilities Category for locations!

    I Bike UIC & The College of Cycling

    IBikeUIClogoCoC NewJoin the UIC Biking Community! Come to events, seek advice, meet other bikers on campus! Visit our I BIKE UIC Facebook and the student College of Cycling group’s Facebook for more information regarding other members, campus bike meetings, or to discuss your concerns about biking at UIC!

    Other Campuses' Biking Communities

    We are not the only ones! We frequently get together and coordinate with these great biking groups across Chicago!




    Urban Bicycling

    Biking is actually really safe if done properly. Check out Gear and Safety (Top Menu) For some great tips! The two most important things you can do to prevent getting into a bike crash are to be visible and predictable. The more the other traffic can see you and predict what you’re going to do next, the easier and safer your commute will be. According to the Active Transportation Alliance, motorists do not usually strike bicyclists from behind.  The majority of accidents happen on off-street paths where pedestrians, roller-bladers, pets and children are present in higher numbers.  With that said, it’s still important to follow traffic and obey the same laws as motorists while you ride.  Active Trans offers some great tips on how to bike through traffic!

  • BikeAmenities_East_3.20

    BikeAmenities_East_3.20Bike Facilities



    • On the east side campus, the Commuter Student Resource Center (CSRC) offers free locker rentals (rentals by the semester), showers, and a refrigerator where you can store your lunch.
    • The Student Recreation Facility (SRF), also on the east side, is UIC’s state-of-the-art fitness center with showers, towel service, and free daily locker usage.
    • If you prefer the west side, the Sport & Fitness Center (SFC) also offers showers, towel service and free daily locker usage.  Both SRF and SFC offer the ability to rent a semi-permanent locker (semester-long use) for a small fee.
    • Bring your Helmet to any UIC Recreation Center, and they will give you 30 minutes to clean up in the locker room!


    If you find yourself with low tire pressure, stop by one of the following locations to borrow a Bike Pump, Repair Kit, or Use a Fix-It Station! See the Maps in the Facilities Category for locations!

    Student Housing

    Locations: Lower Level of PSR, West Area Office 2nd Floor CMS, East Area Office 2nd Floor JST, Front Desk

    Available Tools: Bike Repair Kit

    SCE, Student Center East, 750 S. Halsted Street, 312-413-5100 Go 1st floor Building Manager’s service window to rent Repair Kit and Bike Pump (Bring your ICard)

    Location of Fix-It Stations: SCE, outside, left side of front entrance from Halsted Street side (has a built in bicycle pump) SCE, outside, left side of front entrance from campus side Available Tools: Portable Air Pump Bike Tool Kit Rags/Towels for Cleanup

    SRF, Student Recreation Facility, 737 S. Halsted Street, 312-413-5150 (Must swipe Icard to gain entrance to building for paying members and current students)

    Location of Tool Rental: 1st Floor Equipment Desk Available Tools: Bike Tool Kit

    SCW, Student Center West, 828 S. Wolcott Avenue, 312-413-5200 Go 1st floor Building Manager’s service window to rent Repair Kit and Bike Pump (Bring your ICard)

    Location of Tool Rental: 1st floor Building Manager’s service window Available Tools: Portable Air Pump Bike Tool Kit

    Bike Repair Tool KitBike Repair Tool Kitportable air pumpFix It Station






  • divvy logo



    Divvy_CampusDivvy is a new transit system that offers Chicagoans and visitors more options for getting around the city. Here is how you can get a discounted Annual Membership that gives you access to thousands of bikes at hundreds of stations across the city.



    1) To receive your discounted Annual “Pedal” Membership, please submit the form at and we will email you a gift certificate code to use at (faculty and staff) or (students).

    2) Go to where you will enter your information and pay $75 (currently enrolled UIC students) or $89 (faculty and staff) with your credit card at checkout.  Divvy will then send you a key in the mail that can be used at any Divvy station across the city.


    To use a Divvy bike, simply dip your key into a dock with an available bike at any Divvy station. Station locations can be seen at Divvy currently has hundreds of stations and will have 400 by early 2014.

    Clicking on the image will take you to the full Divvy station map.

    Clicking on the image will take you to the full Divvy station map.


    Commute to work. Run errands. Meet a friend. Take out a bike as many times as you’d like—the first 30 minutes of every ride are included in the cost of Annual Membership. Incremental fees are incurred for trips longer than 30 minutes. More at



    At the end of your trip, return your bike to any Divvy station. The light will blink green when your bike is securely docked.



    If you are a Divvy member, you can receive $10 off Bern, Bell, or Giro helmets!   Visit this link to find the locations of participating retailers near you.  Feel free to email if you have any questions.



    • It is sustainable! It reduces pollution and congestion in the city.
    • It is fast! No more waiting for CTA or sitting in traffic.
    • Biking is inexpensive – there’s no gas, parking, or insurance to purchase!
    • It keeps you in shape! Get your workout & burn calories while you commute.
    • It improves memory! There are so many articles like this one and this one describing the neuronal benefits of cycling and aeorbic exercise!
    • It is FUN! If you don’t own a bike, there are many Divvy stations around campus and throughout Chicago. To sign up for a membership, visit

    Not convinced? Here are a few great resources and articles on the benefits of biking! 30 Reasons to Take Up Cycling Top 7 Health Benefits of Biking 60 Benefits of Bike Commuting

  • Don’t Get Jacked! Increase your chances of not getting your stolen bike back by registering your bike with the UIC Campus Police and the Chicago Police Department.   Better yet, learn how to properly secure your bike to minimize theft risk.   Read through the Bike Quiz to test your Knowledge and then take the Illinois Bicycle Safety Quiz to prove you are a cycling master!

    bike safety101

    Bike Checklist!

    quiz board

    Bike Safety Quiz


    Also, check out this video produced by Office of Sustainability Intern, Sergio!

    YouTube Preview Image


    Read the City of Chicago Bicycle Crash Report for more information on crash incidences and statistics related to crashes in Chicago. Knowing about high risk situations could help you be a safer biker!


    If you are in a crash anywhere, you can always call 911. If you are on campus, contact the UIC Police from any red phone or by calling 312-355-5555.

    • Remain calm and non-confrontational.
    • Get the driver’s insurance information, license plate number, address and phone number.
    • Get the name and contact information from any witnesses.
    • File a formal police report.
    • Get the necessary medical treatment.
    • Take pictures of the accident scene, your injuries, your bike and the other vehicle.
    • Have your bike inspected by a bike shop.
    • Get crash support from Active Trans.
  • Bicycles parked on campus that appear to be abandoned are handled through UIC’s Facilities Management. Read more at

  • So you want to bike to school.  Well first, you need to Gear Up!  There are a few things that are absolutely necessary for safety, and other things you may want to get for comfort.

    Gear, Clothing, Safety

    You don’t need much to start: a bicycle, helmet, a lock and lights for evening riding. While you do not need special clothing to ride, there are some things you may want to keep in mind:

    • If your pants have wide legs, roll up your pants or use a pant-leg band to prevent your pants from catching in the chain.
    • Avoid riding while wearing long skirts or clothing with trailing/loose fabric – this will prevent clothing from being caught in the spokes.
    • If you are carrying a backpack, remember to tuck in any loose straps for the same reason.
    • Your body is a remarkable heat machine.  It will heat up quickly after only a few minutes of riding.  You may find that wearing layers that you can remove or dressing a few degrees cooler than the outside temperature will help keep you comfortable.  Clothing that wicks away moisture also helps.
    • Most importantly, flat-soled, closed-toed shoes will keep your feet protected.The Active Transportation Alliance makes a great how-to guide for biking around town!


    bike If you’re going to bike to school, you need a bike! How do you find the best bike for you in your price range? Visit a bike shop! Check out the shops near UIC. While you may not find the cheapest bike ever, what you pay for at a shop is a quality bike assembled by certified mechanics, follow up service, and great customer service. You may even get a discount by presenting your I-Card!
    Giro07 127 Protect your noggin by getting and WEARING a helmet at all times, even for short rides! For as little as $15, you will reduce the risk of a head injury by 85%. They come in many styles and funny shapes! 
    Lock and Cable
    U lockSecure your bike each time you leave it using a U-shaped lock. It only takes a minute for thieves to steal a bike. Expect to spend around 60 dollars on a good lock if you want a good investment to keep your bike safe. Look for double deadbolt locking mechanisms and get a cable too! The UIC Bookstore Sells these.
    bike lightLights are not just common sense when riding in the dark, they’re required by the law! After the sun sets, you need a front white head and rear reflector or light
      bike bellA bike bell is a necessity for communicating with other cyclists and motorists while on your way to school, and then for getting pedestrians’ attention while on campus.

    Wish List: Items to Increase Comfort, Convenience, Safety

    Bike Clothes
    Clothes made of technical material can wick away sweat for a more comfortable ride.  Shorts with a chamois lining prevent chafing and keep you from getting a sore bum.  Bright colors can keep you visible in low light.  There are many options for bike clothing so you don’t have to dress in all spandex, unless you want to.
    Bottles and Cages
    bottle cageStaying hydrated is important, especially on warm days.
    castelli-diluvio-glove-12-backGloves protect your hands in the event of a crash.  They also provide warmth in the winter and give you a place to catch your runny nose.
    Rear Rack
    rear rackIf you regularly carry books, supplies, or other materials in a bag when you ride, consider getting some type of rack and panniers for the rear end of your bike.
      These shops have generously agreed to offer UIC students discounts on accessories, parts, and even whole bikes!  Tell them you bike UIC and be sure to give them a hearty high five of thanks (you should have your UIC ID)!
  • Progress towards a more bike-friendly community at UIC would not be possible without the help of the following students who supported the Office of Sustainability’s bike initiatives through volunteer work, internships, and course projects. Thanks!

    Adam Alden Brian Almdale ’12Urban & Public Affairs Bike Advisory Committee liaison, outreach Vivian Delgadillo Communications Bike Advisory Committee liaison Tim Noll Industrial Design Rack Inventory
    lex Hayashi Graphic Design I BIKE UIC logo Kara Komp Urban & Public Affairs (HC) Rack Inventory, Bike Corral Anna Pakhomova Urban & Public Affairs Capstone team Map Your Route project Yara Lechuga Urban & Public Affairs Capstone: Map Your Route project  
    Nathan Richardson Urban & Public Affairs Capstone team Map Your Route project April Muller Urban & Public Affairs (HC) Plan framework, outreach, social mediaJohnathan Chance Nhu Ly Kinesiology (HC) Web content, Bike Friendly University application Felicia Clay Urban & Public AffairsCapstone team, Map Your Route project
    Dan Stefiuk MUPP Secure Bike Parking Master’s project