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Climate Justice

The Office of Planning, Sustainability, and Project Management (PSPM) aims to recognize and support campus and community efforts working towards social and climate justice. With civic and community engagement being at the heart of UIC, implementing UIC’s Strategic Priorities in conjunction with the UIC Climate Action Implementation Plan's Campus and Community Engagement solution can strengthen intercampus relationships. PSPM supports the building of a transformed, resilient community that acknowledges social and environmental disparities and actively works towards resolving them by encouraging partnerships within the community. We aim to use this position to ultimately promote inclusivity, sustainability, and equity through community involvement.

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As an urban research university, UIC will focus on embracing its role in responding to urban and global challenges through research, education, and community engagement. Considering the current declining global environmental state, it is imperative to acknowledge the ongoing social and environmental injustice in our community and take coherent steps towards achieving environmental equity in our community via:

  1. Teaching and Learning: sustainability concepts, themes, and foundational knowledge
  2. Research: providing seed funds for community-based participatory research
  3. Practice: initiating and promoting community and intercampus interaction opportunities to mobilize dialogue surrounding environmental equity.

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  • Community Resilience

    Environmental sustainability is the foundation of a healthy and resilient community. Vulnerable communities, however, are often disproportionately impacted by extreme climate or other environmental stressors. Recognizing this, UIC has committed to formulating effective community engagement strategies to increase community resilience. Increasing the number and variety of campus and community interaction opportunities, events, and dialogue can help reach this goal. Read more about the community resilience solution in Strategy 7.0 Climate Resilience of the CAIP.

  • Food Recovery & Security

    In order to ensure food security for at-risk members of the UIC community, several food security programs have been put in place. This ensures the strengthening of both the neighborhood and campus communities while also preserving its core function in the event of environmental or social impact. Read more about solution 5.3.2 Food Recovery & Security.

  • Policy Making Process

    When proposing policies, PSPM works in a collaborative way with the campus and community stakeholders. This ensures that the most vulnerable groups are included in shaping policy.
    UIC PACT (Partnerships for Anti-Racist Campus Transformation) focuses on addressing systemic racism and inequality by creating and promoting partnerships to advance community transformation. Civic and community engagement can be advanced via UIC PACT, which seeks partnerships to build a transformed community.

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