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Housed under the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, the Sustainability team in the Office of Planning, Sustainability and Project Management forms the focal point for coordinating sustainability initiatives on campus by receiving information, tracking data, and assessing progress. This is accomplished through involvement in institutional and programmatic planning, information dissemination, providing guidance, reporting, and acting as a resource on sustainability in higher education.

Sustainability Mandate Heading link

The Sustainability unit sets forth UIC’s sustainability goals

We guide the Chancellor’s Committee on Sustainability and Energy (CCSE) to develop strategies to institutionalize the goals

  • Intelligently informs how UIC understands its sustainability performance and invests in sustainability across campus to maximize overall impact.
  • The CCSE generates strategies, supports planning, and provides community input. Members also provide data, build consensus, and act as implementation partners.

We facilitate the execution of the Climate Action Implementation Plan (CAIP)

  • Manages and builds collaboration among campus units interested in pursuing the same or similar sustainability-related objectives, thereby reducing duplication of efforts.
  • Develops justification, identifies funding sources and mechanisms.

We offer signature services and programs

  • Provides expertise and delivering capacity to campus units needing direction and hands-on support.
Signature Services

We focus on environmental sustainability with a goal of providing economic and social benefit to the campus community. Our services support VCAS in operations.

We also connect groups and partners to other sustainability issues like Climate Justice

Signature Programs

These programs help individual units and the campus as a whole to achieve its sustainability goals.


The History of Sustainability at UIC