Water, Water Everywhere, But Not a Drop to Drink


EPA Tap Flow Rate Measure Bag

Our internship is focused on water conservation. By reducing water wastage and updating equipment on campus like faucets, urinals and toilets, we aim to make a “Net Zero Water Campus”, thus saving water. Water wastage is driven by water equipment that use too much to accomplish the purpose and inefficient recycling techniques that lead to the depletion of clean and treated water. Never running out of water, is no excuse to waste clean drinking water while  some countries are devoid of this basic necessity; one we take for granted. In terms of systems thinking, our internship recognizes the problems in the equipment, identifies any leakage or drainage which can be fixed and ways to save water on campus. Small fixes can make a big change such as water resource planning based on local conditions rather than demand. Thus we are able to conserve water without compromising our current needs or those of future generations. The most interesting part of this internship is exploring the campus and the field work. I am proud to be a part of this strategy. 

By: Mansi Jaitly