Solar Chicago: At a Discount!

UIC is participating in Solar Chicago to help employees simplify the process of researching installation options for your home, while helping the City and surrounding communities achieve local and statewide sustainability goals.  Solar Chicago is a partnership between the City of Chicago, the Environmental Law and Policy Center (ELPC), Vote Solar, and the World Wildlife Fund.  This solar discount program will help homeowners pool their buying power to make going solar more affordable than ever while helping to achieve community clean energy goals.

Lower Cost:

A discounted price achieved (25%) by pooling the purchasing power of groups, and an additional incentive rebate that provides increased savings as more people contract for solar electricity on their homes.

After vetting several solar companies, a volunteer community evaluation committee has selected the team of Juhl Renewable Energy Systems and Microgrid Solar as Solar Chicago’s installation partner.  Serving individual customers in a group through Solar Chicago allows these companies to reduce their costs- savings that they will pass along to participants with residential solar pricing starting at $3.49 per-watt- more than a 25% discount off the average cost of going solar.

The Juhl Renewable Energy System/ Microgrid Solar team also includes the experience of local electrical contractor/ installation partners Ailey Solar and Kapital Electric.  Collectively, these solar installation contractors have completed over 300 residential solar projects in the last 12 months totaling more than 1.2 megawatts!  In addition to the significant qualifications they bring to the Solar Chicago program, the Juhl Renewable Energy Systems/ Microgrid Solar team will also offer financing solutions to homeowners through Admirals Bank.

Next steps:

1. Sign up.  If you have not signed up for Solar Chicago, please visit the program website to register.  Once registered, you will be connected with Juhl Energy/Microgrid Solar to schedule your site evaluation and receive a proposal.  Please note that registration does not obligate you moving forward.

2. Learn more.  Join the program sponsors and the Juhl/Microgrid team to learn about the basics of residential solar and have your questions answered at an upcoming workshop this summer.  Event details can be found on the News page of the program website.  If you are unable to attend, a pre-recorded webinar will also be posted for your review.

3. Spread the Word.  Solar Chicago pools the purchasing power of groups to make solar more affordable.  More participants means a better deal for you and more clean, reliable solar power for your community. In addition to the standard discounted program pricing, if the group collectively installs a minimum of 100 kilowatts of new solar capacity, the Juhl/Microgrid Solar team will provide each homeowner with an additional cash incentive.  If the group collectively installs more than 400 kilowatts of solar, the incentive rebate will double!

It’s that simple.  Solar Chicago’s technical advisors are available to answer any questions you have throughout the program.

More participants mean a better deal for you and more, clean, reliable solar power for our community.  Please help us spread the word about Solar Chicago to your co-workers, friends, family and neighbors!  Should you have any questions, please contact