Tree Care Plan

Tree Campus PlanThe purpose of the Tree Care Plan is to establish a clear set of policies and procedures for management of the campus forest at UIC. The specific objectives laid out aim to maximize the health and benefits of both individual trees and the forest as a whole. Trees have the  potential to provide many benefits to the campus, including improved aesthetics, removal of air pollutants, carbon sequestration, improved wildlife habitat and microclimate modification, among others. However, in order to maximize these benefits trees must be properly managed. This plan aims to lay out the steps necessary to achieve such management.


Specific objectives of the plan include:

  1. Develop a policy for tree maintenance, including pruning, planting, removals and preservation.
  2. Establish a campus tree advisory committee.
  3. Maximize the benefits of carbon sequestration and air pollutant removal provided by campus trees.
  4. Increase the use of the campus forest as an educational and outreach tool for the campus and surrounding community.

This plan is being established, in part, to fulfill one of the requirements for UIC to achieve recognition by the Arbor Day Foundation as a Tree Campus USA.