Green Governments Coordinating Council

The Green Governments Coordinating Council annual report highlights green initiatives and sustainability successes achieved by Council member agencies and by other constitutional offices, state agencies, boards, commissions, and educational institutions throughout Illinois. In the 2013 report, UIC has many highlights to share under various accomplishment categories:

Recycling and Waste Reduction

The University of Illinois at Chicago participated in Recyclemania and improved over previous performance—from eighth place to sixth, recycling 823,554 pounds of material. The urban campus also placed 21st out of 246 universities for paper recycling, aided by a grant to expand recycling collection and install desk-side recycling bins.

Energy, Landscaping and the Built Environment

In 2013, the University of Illinois at Chicago planted an Urban Heritage Garden. Located on campus, the garden serves as a welcoming green space as well as an educational space, challenging students to consider the quality of life issues central to urbanization. The garden provides students and faculty with hands-on horticulture opportunities that emphasize public space and native planting.


The University of Illinois at Chicago has embraced bicycle commuting as a sustainable transit option and established a Bike Planning Committee to steer commuter initiatives and invest in infrastructure. Bicycling is only one part of UIC’s multi-modal approach to student and faculty transit. CMAP awarded UIC with a grant to develop a multi- modal transit plan to connect the community with the wide-range of urban transit options. In conjunction with this, new employees learn about sustainable transit options throughout Chicago during orientation.

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