Sustainability Internship Program

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    The Sustainability Internship Program (SIP) is an initiative through the Office of Sustainability that offers hands-on learning experiences for undergraduates that advance the overall mission of greater social, economic and environmental sustainability in the campus community. This unique program provides an intellectual framework for students to apply classroom learning to project based engagement. This summer we are piloting our first 10 week program. SIP consists of:

    1. internship placement at a UIC department

    2. weekly seminars and field outings that cover a range of educational and skill building topics

    3. leadership development and project management experience

    Seminar topics include: environmental and energy sustainability issues, cultural sustainability issues, institutional challenges and change management, campus structure and administration, campus sustainability programs and job readiness.

    This program is the result of various collaborations with: UIC Dining Services, UIC Campus Housing, Utilities, Facilities Management, Bike UIC, the College of Engineering, University of Illinois Hospital and the Energy Initiative.

    As part of the SIP program interns:

    • Develop a work plan and project goals
    • Meet frequently with project supervisor
    • Share experiences with SIP cohort
    • Attend weekly seminars and outings
    • Report on campus sustainability using the SIP blog
    • Present project results at a poster presentation

  • Coming Soon!

  • Applications will be open in February of 2015.

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