ULT Freezer Rebate

There are many ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers on campus that collectively use more than 3MWh annually, which produces about 2,000 metric tonnes of CO2 (equivalents) a year. These freezers cost UIC anywhere from $250,000 – $750,000 a year in energy costs. The Office of Sustainability would like to decrease energy usage from ULT freezers on campus.

The goal is to make UIC labs more energy efficient without imposing undue cost to the department. We would like everyone to buy the most energy efficient ultra-low temperature freezer possible so UIC is currently offering an incentive program. Whether you are purchasing a new freezer for your new lab, or trying to replace your old freezer, UIC wants to help you buy the most energy efficient model possible.

Terms & Conditions

Rebates are available to UIC employees on a first-come, first-served basis until program funds are exhausted.  You can receive a $2,000 rebate per freezer if the following criteria are met:

  1. You must purchase a certified Energy Star laboratory-grade freezer.
  2. You must either replace an old freezer or you must be setting up a new lab. No rebates will be given for employees that are purchasing extra and/or back-up freezers.
  3. The freezer must be physically located in a UIC building.
  4. You must have purchased the energy efficient ULT freezer no earlier than July 1, 2018 and you must install the freezer before May 1, 2019.

Required Documentation

Submit the Energy Efficient ULT Freezer Rebate Application and all applicable purchasing and disposal documentation to the Office of Sustainability one of three ways:

  1. Email attachments to sustainability@uic.edu (preferred) OR
  2. Send via Campus at Mail M/C 996- Office of Sustainability OR
  3. Drop off at the Paulina Street Building, 1140 S. Paulina Street, Room 150.

Energy Efficient ULT Freezer Rebate Application

The application is available to download as a fillable PDF: Energy Efficient ULT Freezer Rebate Application.

Old Freezer Information

Fill out this section only if you are purchasing a new freezer to replace/retire an old, inefficient freezer. List as much information as you can regarding the manufacturer/model number, the University of Illinois Property Tag (PTag) number, and the UIC Facilities Management Equipment Disposal Request number. See below how to properly dispose and document the old freezer. If available, please also indicate the year the freezer was purchased, the size of the freezer (in cubic feet), and the rated energy consumption according to the manufacturer and place that information next to the “Manufacturer/Model number” section.

New Freezer Information

In order to prove that the University will save money in energy costs and the associated greenhouse gas emissions, you must list the current rated energy consumption. You can find this information by either calling the vendor directly or by looking for the technical specifications sheet. Most times, ULT freezers are rated at both -70oC and -80oC. regardless of the temperature you are planning to operate your freezer,  please indicate the energy consumption rated at -70oC in kilowatt-hours per day.

Please also tell us the Manufacturer/Model number of the new freezer, the UIC Property Tag (Ptag) number assigned to the freezer, the purchase order (PO) number, the C-FOAPAL number used to purchase the freezer, and the exact location of the freezer, indicating the UIC building name/number as well as the room number. Rebates will be deposited into the account associated with the C-FOAPAL number after all documentation is received.

Purchasing Documents

This is applicable to everyone. In addition to filling out the rebate application, you must also submit:

  • a copy of the vendor’s invoice
  • a copy of the purchase order
  • a copy of the vendor’s technical specifications of rated energy consumption

Disposal Documents

This is applicable only if you are replacing an old freezer. In addition to filling out the rebate application, you must also submit:

  • a copy of the e-mail receipt from the Office of Business and Financial Services regarding proper equipment disposal.

The e-mail form OBFS serves as proof that the equipment was marked “scrap” and is no longer in your inventory. When filling out the OBFS disposal request, you must mark the freezer as SCRAP (not surplus). If you are participating in a vendor take-back program, you must require documentation from that vendor. See disposal instructions on the Office of Business and Financial Service’s website on Equipment Disposal.

New Laboratory Documents

This is applicable only if you are setting up a new research lab at UIC. In addition to filling out the rebate application, you must also submit:

  • a copy of the PI training certificate of completion
  • a copy of the your laboratory’s safety audit report

You must attend the Principal Investigators Responsibility training, required by the UIC Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO). You must also request to have an initial lab safety inspection performed by UIC EHSO by filling out the EHSO contact form.

More Information

If you are interested in information about rebate and incentive programs for energy efficient freezer, please email us at sustainability@uic.edu or call 312-996-3043. This program is not related to the North American Freezer Challenge (which is administered by my green lab and the International Institute of Sustainable Laboratories.)