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    The UIC Green Labs Committee is open to anyone that wants to make their research lab more sustainable- from undergraduate students to professors to building operations managers.

    The committee meets bimonthly, alternating between East and West Campuses. Check the events page for upcoming meetings!


    The UIC Green Labs Committee is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of scientific research without impeding progress of the research. The Green Labs Committee will create an environment for research in which sustainable practices and policies are well communicated and are visible to all.


    The UIC Green Labs Committee will be the leaders in creating and communicating more sustainable research methods to increase energy efficiency and reduce solid wastes.

    Purpose of Committee

    Recognizing energy intensive laboratories
    Recognizing unique hazardous waste streams
    Fostering communication and ideas
    Reducing effects of climate change
    Increasing sustainable research methods
  • Environmental impacts of using toxic chemicals in conducting laboratory research


    On a cold, cold February day,  Dr. Michael Gonzalez and George Schupp of the United States Environmental Protection Agency discussed how the EPA can help laboratories reduce their environmental impact. See the presenters bios here. Did you know there is a tool to replace solvents? Check out PARISIII.

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    Sustainable Lab Purchasing

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    On April 14, 2014 Tom Ruginis, Founder & CEO of presented on how to be a better shopper for your lab. The presentation can be found here: HappiLabs – Green Lab Shopping Presentation, and the minutes are found here: April 14 2014 Meeting Minutes

    Energy Efficient ULT Freezers

    On January 30, 2014 Michael Marciniak from Panasonic talked about the energy efficiencies of older vs. newer Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers. Minutes  from the meeting are found here:  January 30 minuntes and a presentation by Lisa Sanzenbacher about general freezer efficiency (including how to keep your older freezer running as efficiently as possible) can be found here: ULT Freezer Efficiency Presentation.

    Also, check out this chart regarding energy efficient freezers: Energy Efficency Chart for ULT Freezers

    Other schools, such as the University of California-Davis and the University of Colorado-Bolder, have great resources regarding freezer energy efficiency, which can be found at:

    Recycling Nitrile Gloves

    Blake Ashley form Kimberly-Clark presented an idea to UIC on November 13 about recycling nitrile gloves. His presentation can be found here: Kimberly Clark Rightcycle Presentation and you can also see the November 13 Meeting Minutes.

    As of April 2014,  2 buildings- MBRB and COMRB are running the nitrile gloves recycling program. You can read all about the program- including how it works, what items are acceptable-  here as well as in this printable Nitrile Glove Recycling Guidebook.

    First Meeting and Designing Energy Efficient Labs

    For the very first Green labs committee meeting Lisa Sanzenbacher stated the purpose of the committee as well as new initiatives that pertain to Green Labs. Click on the link for the First Green Labs Committee Meeting. Dan Doyle, of the International Institute of Sustainable Laboratories, presented on Strategies for Reducing Energy Usage in Your Labs.


    Abigail Drennan Christian Gossett Hyejung Lim Kristine Baraoidan Nicole Pohl Skyler Carlson
    Abimbola Ogedengbe Colleen Piersen Hyerim Whang Kong Lisa Sanzenbacher Prashant Bommi Stef Kall
    Anna Dudkowska Dan Applegate Jing-Tan Bian Lishi Xie Qiag Wu Susan Fischer
    Anthony Capistran Delia Lozano Porras Jingbo Pang Lowell Seida Rachel French Tanmay Chavan
    Anu Puppala Dorothy Sholeen-Modrzyk Julie Grismanauskas Lynn Birch Rachel Schmidt Wei Hua Wang
    Barejie Warr Dustin Fraidenburg Justin Bareither M. Kristine Rand Akasheh Wei-Lua Chen
    Ben Hirchinson Elina Sarmah Justin Mohr Malgorata Dobon-Barroneli Richard Wang William Birch
    Brigitte Browe Finn Mannerings Kaitlyn Holman Mary Yagle Ruby Fernandez Y.H. Wang
    Carol Dodge Haifeng Zhao Kathleen Hennessy Michelle Vierra Samir Chabra Yongkang Zhang
    Changhwa Hwang Hanh Vhong Kenneth Kearney Nicholas Waszczak Sini Hadathil
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