Chancellor’s Committee on Sustainability & Energy

  • The CCSE is a voluntary committee that works to promote sustainability on UIC’s campus.  Membership to the CCSE is open to UIC staff, faculty and students.  It is asked that each member choose a subcommittee they are most interested in, and attend as many meetings as possible.

    Please fill out the form below to become a CCSE member!  You will then be provided information regarding committee and subcommittee meetings, sustainability related events and initiatives on campus.

  • The CCSE will support the Chancellor’s Climate and Resilience commitments of Climate Neutral Campus, Zero Waste Campus, Net Zero Water Campus, and Biodiverse Campus. It also advances the relevant recommendations of the sustainability strategic thinking report “To Green and Beyond: Excellence through Sustainability at UIC.” The CCSE will recommend priorities, suggest new initiatives, monitor UIC’s progress towards our sustainability commitments and goals, and assist with the preparation of reports as required. For the coming two years, the main tasks of the CCSE will be to update the UIC Climate Action Plan, establish an implementation plan with measurable goals, support the resilience assessment and planning process, and develop an action plan for integrating sustainability into the curriculum.

    The Chancellor’s Committee on Sustainability and Energy (CCSE) was formed in 2008, as a response to the campus’s Climate Action Plan, which commits UIC to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions to 40% below 2004 levels by 2030, and 80% below 2004 levels by 2050.  The CCSE is tasked with making progress towards these Climate Action Goals, assisting with the accountability of sustainability initiatives, and bringing environmental awareness to the UIC campus.

    The Chancellor’s Committee on Sustainability and Energy (CCSE) has been working since its establishment in 2008 to:

    • Set priorities
    • Suggest new initiatives
    • Monitor UIC’s progress towards goals and actions
    • Assist with the preparation of reports for the campus climate commitments
    • Help with the accountability of relevant sustainability initiatives
    • Promote environmental awareness on campus

    The CCSE currently consists of five subcommittees that meet regularly.  Meetings are open to the UIC community and are currently posted to the Office of Sustainability’s Events Calendar.  Each subcommittee is tasked with separate sustainability related topics, described below.

    Climate Resilience

    This subcommittee is tasked with advising the climate resilience assessment planning process including developing indicators to gauge resilience and track progress, conduct a climate vulnerability analysis and provide input to a plan to increase resilience.

    Energy & Utilities

    This subcommittee focuses on initiatives including energy efficiency and conservation projects, renewable energy, and greenhouse gas emissions reduction from electricity and co-generation activities. This will also include water conservation and green building policies.


    This subcommittee makes recommendations on policies that guide the management and maintenance of UIC’s landscape and non-building facilities, including the care of trees on campus and management of stormwater.

    Sustainable Materials (formerly “Recycling & Waste Management”)

    This subcommittee looks at UIC’s recycling and waste management programs including general, composting, construction, special and hazardous waste, and recommends processes and programs to reduce waste volume and increase recycling rates.

    Teaching and Learning

    The new addition of the Teaching and Learning subcommittee in 2016 was enacted in order to build on the insights developed by the Sustainability Strategic Thinking process. This committee recommends a campus-level commitment to strategically integrate sustainability themes into the undergraduate curriculum using two sets of recommendations, those from the UIC Climate Commitments and those from “To Green and Beyond.”


    This subcommittee, by examining transportation on and to campus, including air travel for university business, develops policy and monitor progress towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the campus fleet and through commuting patterns.

    Events & Activities, ret.

    This subcommittee focused on coordinating outreach activities on campus and provides a way for students, faculty and staff in every unit to help promote sustainability efforts and environmental awareness on campus. Presently, that tasked is assigned to the staff of the Office of Sustainability.


  • January 2009: CCSE 2008-2009 FINAL REPORT

    January 2010: 2010 CCSE Report

    October 2013: CCSE Report 2013

  • In 2010, the CCSE completed its 2010 CCSE Report.  This document suggested a variety of recommendations for UIC adopt.  Since the completion of this report, many recommendations have been successfully implemented at UIC.

    The primary CCCSE Recommendation of the 2010 Report, Student Green Fee, was approved by the Board of Trustees in 2011.  The Student Green Fee is a  $4 semester based fee charged to all students that serves to improve the quality of campus operations, reduce UIC’s environmental impact, and most importantly generate awareness about environmental issues by creating opportunities for students’ involvement.  It has allowed the completion of various sustainability projects on campus including the Heritage Garden and Off-Grid Bus Shelter.

    Below is a list of CCSE sustainability related accomplishments as of November 2013:

    • Tree Campus USA Program-recognition in 2011 and 2012
    • Added Commuting Information to the Employee Orientation
    • Ride-Sharing via i-Carpool, a social media web-site to find carpool matches 
    • Car Sharing and Other Active Transportation Incentives
    • Full implementation of the UIC Recycling Program in all buildings on campus
    • Campus Electronic Recycling Program (for both university property and personal electronics)
    • Pharmaceutical Disposal Program
    • Collection of Food Scraps for composting from the Student Centers
    • Great Stuff Exchange (GSX)
    • Building Energy Metering Initiative – continue to install electronically-monitored meters throughout campus: You can only manage what you can measure!
    • Campus Use of Renewable Energy from solar power generated at Lincoln and Douglas Halls
    • Continuation of the UIC Energy Master Plan/Utilities Master Plan
    • Increasing numbers of Sustainability-related Events



  • George Crabtree, Professor of Physics, co-chair

    Rob Dixon, Registrar, co-chair


    Energy and Utilities Subcommittee

    Dave Hofman, Professor and Head, Physics, co-chair

    Robert Roman, Director, Utilities, co-chair

    Grainne Cassidy, Assistant Director, Office of Capital Programs

    Sandeep Dath, Director, Director of Technology, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

    Jimmy Hopper, Deputy Director, Utilities

    Fernando Howell, Director, Facilities and Space Planning

    Joel Karman, Associate Director, Hospital Administration

    Vy Milunas, Director of Project Management, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

    David Taeyaerts, Associate Vice Chancellor, Learning Environments and Campus Architect

    J. Rex Tolliver, Associate Vice Chancellor, Campus Auxiliary Services

    Grounds Subcommittee

    Roberta Mason-Gamer, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, co-chair

    Carly Rizor, Superintendent of Grounds, Facilities Management co-chair

    Julie Finlay, Nursing Consultant, Specialized Care for Children

    Sarah Gabriella Hernandez, Graduate Student, Heritage Garden Student Leader

    Kristy Kambanis, Assistant Director for STEM Initiatives, Office of Degree Progress

    Emily Minor, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

    Tania Sosa, Undergraduate Student, Heritage Garden Student Leader

    Robin Sylvester, Preawards Sponsored Projects Specialist, School of Public Health

    John Wagner, Grounds Maintenance, Facilities Management

    Sustainable Materials Subcommittee

    Ning Ai, Assistant Professor, Urban Planning and Policy, co-chair

    Gabriel Bernal, Assistant Director, Facilities Management, co-chair

    Robert Anderson, South Campus Property Coordinator, Campus Auxiliary Services

    Karen Baker, Visiting Assistant Director, Facilities Management, Environmental Services

    William Bavirsha, Associate Athletic Director/Facilities, Intercollegiate Athletics

    John Bruch, Assistant Director for Facilities, Campus Housing

    Anna Calix, Research Associate, Pediatrics

    William Colwell, Events Coordinator/Production Manager, Pavilion

    Joshua Dorka, Human Resources Officer, Human Resources

    Kevin Fair, Associate Director, Purchasing

    Tamnekia Grant, Resident Director for SSR, Campus Housing

    Denise Rosen, Facilities Manager, Nursing Administration

    Eric Simon, Executive Director, Student Centers

    Teaching and Learning Subcommittee

    Elizabeth Kocs, Director of Programming and Outreach, The Energy Initiative, co-chair

    Tom Theis, Director, Institute for Environmental Science and Policy, co-chair

    Rosa Cabrera, Director, Latino Cultural Center

    Molly Doane, Assistant Professor, Anthropology

    Rachel Havrelock, Assistant Professor, Jewish Studies and English

    Kathy Nagy, Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences

    William Ryan, Clinical Associate Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

    Benn Williams, Assistant Director of Interdisciplinary Programs and Development, Graduate College

    Moira Zellner, Associate Professor, Urban Planning and Policy

    Transportation Subcommittee

    Kate Lowe, Assistant Professor, Urban Planning and Policy, co-chair

    Kevin Shalla, IT Director, Academic and Enrollment Services Information Technology, co-chair

    Pablo Acevedo, Associate Director of Facilities Management

    William Burton, Senior Director, Public Affairs

    Shelby Egan, GIS Program Coordinator, Facility and Space Planning

    Sheena Freve, Visiting Research Transportation Analyst/Research, Urban Transportation Center

    Mike Landek, Executive Associate Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

    Wanda Perry, Director, Campus Parking

    Bob Witas, Transportation Manager, Facilities Management

    Brian Zeid, Accountant, Biological Sciences

  • The five subcommittees of the CCSE meet regularly, typically once to twice a semester.  Meetings are open to the public.  You can learn about when events occur by checking the UIC events calendar or the Office of Sustainability’s calendar.   Below you will find the meeting minutes from the 2013-2014 Academic Year.


    CCSE General Co-chair Meeting Notes 01.27.15

    CCSE General Co-chairs Meeting Notes 03.20.15



    CCSE Grounds Meeting Minutes 9.10.13

    CCSE Grounds Meeting Minutes 10.06.14

    CCSE Grounds and Tree Care Committee Meeting Minutes 2.19.15

    CCSE Grounds and Tree Care Committee Meeting Minutes 7 13 15



    CCSE Transportation Meeting Minutes 9.9.13

    CCSE Transportation Meeting Minutes 1.27.14

    CCSE Transportation Meeting Minutes 4.15.14

    CCSE Transportation Meeting Minutes 9.16.14

    CCSE Transportation Meeting Minutes 02.03.15

    CCSE Transportation Meeting Minutes 3.3.15

    CCSE Transportation Meeting Minutes 04.14.15

    CCSE Transportation Meeting Minutes 07 02 15



    CCSE Recycling and Waste Management Meeting Minutes 6.16.14

    CCSE Recycling and Waste Management Meeting Minutes 10.16.14

    CCSE Recycling and Waste Management Meeting Minutes 02.26.15



    CCSE Events and Activities Meeting Minutes 12.15.10

    CCSE Events and Activities Meeting Minutes 2.9.11

    CCSE Events and Activities Meeting Minutes 11.19.13

    CCSE Events and Activities Meeting Minutes 2.25.14



    CCSE Events and Activities Meeting Minutes 12.2.14

    CCSE Events and Activities Meeting Minutes 1.22.15

    CCSE Events and Activities Meeting Minutes 2.12.15

    CCSE Events and Activities Meeting Minutes 3.12.15




    CCSE Energy and Utilities Meeting Minutes 9.10.13

    CCSE Energy and Utilities Meeting Minutes 11.12.13

    CCSE Energy and Utilities Meeting Minutes 12.3.13

    CCSE Energy and Utilities Meeting Minutes 1.28.14

    CCSE Energy and Utilities Meeting Minutes 2.10.14

    CCSE Energy and Utilities Meeting Minutes 2.25.14

    CCSE Energy and Utilities Meeting Minutes 3.25.14

    CCSE Energy and Utilities Meeting Minutes 4.9.14

    CCSE Energy and Utilities Meeting Minutes 5.6.14

    CCSE Energy and Utilities Meeting Minutes 7.1.14

    CCSE Energy and Utilities Meeting Minutes 8.19.14

    CCSE Energy and Utilities Meeting Minutes 9.24.14

    CCSE Energy and Utilities meeting Minutes 10.21.14

    CCSE Energy and Utilities Meeting Minutes 12-2-14

    CCSE Energy and Utilities Meeting Minutes 01.13.15

    CCSE Energy and Utilities Meeting Minutes 2.17.15

    CCSE Energy and Utilities Meeting Minutes 03.10.15

    CCSE Energy and Utilities Meeting Minutes 4.21.15

    CCSE Energy and Utilities Meeting Minutes 05.14.15

    CCSE Energy & Utilities Meeting Minutes 07.21.2015