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There are many ways to get involved with the Office of Sustainability as well as other sustainability efforts on campus such as volunteering to be an EcoEducator, joining the Chancellor’s Committee on Sustainability and Energy, representing your department as an EcoRep, joining the Bicycle Advisory Meeting, becoming a member of the Green Labs Committee, or joining a sustainable student organization.


Volunteer/ EcoEducator

Robert Dixon (left), Jeff Headrick (center), and Kevin Shalla (right) with the bike that they retrofit for mail delivery. Jeff pioneered bike delivery service at UIC, and the Office of the Registrar is the only office on campus to deliver mail by bike. Jeff claims that van delivery is inefficient because so many records are now electronic that all the mail he needs to deliver during a run fits into this box. He would like to see this practice institutionalized by being written into the job description for Distribution Clerk. He would also like to see improved safety for biking on campus.





BAM! Bicycle Advisory Meeting

Green Labs

Green Labs Committee

Student Organizations

Student Organizations