Volunteering on campus is a great way to learn more about sustainability, as well as to market yourself for potential future jobs. Most of our volunteer opportunities require just a few hours of your time to help out at an event. Currently, the Office of Sustaianbilty is hiring “Eco-Educcators”. If you think you got what it takes, read the description below and apply today!


UIC Eco-Educator Program

Do you have a passion for sustainability, recycling and common sense? Do you want to see UIC have greener events by wasting and polluting less? We are looking for people to serve as special events Eco-Educators.

Special Announcement! Eco-Educators are needed to help us with the Recyclemania Caught Green Handed campaign!

For Recyclemania 2015, we will reward you for doing your part in reducing waste. Between March 9 – March 13, volunteers will be on the prowl looking for folks using their reusable water bottles/ coffee mugs. If the see you using it, they will reward you with a button and a certificate!

recyclemania gorillaVolunteers can win to!Interested in volunteering to catch people green handed? When you catch them, take a picture of yourself and the person you caught and post the pic to Instagram with the phrase

“#ICaughtYouGreenHanded with @SustaianbleUIC during #Recyclemania2015”

to be entered into a  drawing for a $50 prize!*

  • Sign up today by emailing sustainability@uic.edu

    *prize will have the value of 50 USD and will not be a cash prize.

What is a UIC Eco-Educator?

Eco-Educators are enthusiastic people that want to impact UIC’s sustainability mission to reduce waste and greenhouse gases.

The purpose of the UIC Eco-Educator program is to ensure that event-goers leave the event with a proper understanding of basic sustainability concepts, such as waste minimization and recycling.

Eco-Educators work as many events as they’d like, typically 2-4 hours per event. (minimum time commitment is one event plus one 30-minute training session)


  • What is required of a UIC Eco-Educator?

    Eco-Educators will be required to either walk around the event, or stand in strategic locations (such as by recycling bins) to ensure the event-goers properly recycle and know why it is important to UIC. Some events will be hosted by the Office of Sustainability, whereas other events are hosted by other UIC Departments or outside companies. Mostly all events that require Eco-Educators will be on the UIC Campus including the Quad, UIC Forum, and UIC Student Centers, to name a few.

    The time commitment per event ranges from 2-4 hours per event.

    Each Eco-Educator is required to sign up for an event in advance and attend the one-time mandatory eco-education training. Events are posted well in advance to ensure it will not conflict with an Eco-Educator’s class schedule.

    Eco-Educators can posses any educational background, but should be passionate about sustainability- specifically recycling and waste reduction. Eco-Educators should be out-going and not intimidated to talk to people. Eco-Educators may be UIC students, staff, or even faculty!


  • What are the benefits of becoming a UIC Eco-Educator?

    • T-Shirt! All Eco-Educators that volunteer for at least one event will receive the green, 100% recycled Eco-Educator t-shirt!
    • Networking! Meet other enthusiastic volunteers, as well as the organizers and promoters of various UIC and Chicago events
    • The chance to work a premier event! Successful Eco-Educators will be selected to work one of the “premier” UIC events, such as Bacon Fest! (an Eco-Educator that signs up for Bacon Fest will receive free entry to the event- a $100 value!)
    • Résumé building! Add to your résumé that you have worked on events and sustainability. You will also work very closely with the Office of Sustainability that a letter of recommendation can easily be written for you!
    • Free entrance to the events. Depending on the event, food such as breakfast or lunch will be available.
    • Prizes! Each event you work will enter you into a raffle to win amazing prizes like an Apple iPad mini! The more events you work, the greater your chances!

    A successful Eco-Educator is one that shows up and works their entire shift and has completed the one-time eco-education training.


  • How do I become a UIC Eco-Educator?

    It’s easy to be a UIC Eco-Educator!

    1. Apply today using the form below
    2. If you are selected, we will send you times of events you’d like to volunteer for and you can select as many events as you would like
    3. Once you attend the one-time Eco-Educator training, we will give you your t-shirt and see you at your first event!


    UIC Eco-Educator application

    Apply to be a UIC Eco-Educator! If selected, we will email you once we know which event(s) requires your assistance. You can then inform us if you are available to work the event(s).
    • (to recieve text updates)
    • (only if you are a UIC student)
    • (if you are a student)
    • (if any)


  • Current list of events that require Eco-Educators:

    EventDateTimeLocationMore InformationPerks
    Weigh Your WasteSeptember 23, 24, 2511am-1pmSCE Dining Hall & JST Dining Hallhelp fellow UIC students realize how much food they waste at the all-you-can-eat locations!free lunch!
    UIC Open HouseSaturday, September 139 am - 2 pmLecture Center Plaza (the Quad)Lead tours of UIC green buildings and other green features on the east side of campusbe a leader!
    Transportation Fair & Cycling Extravaganza!Monday, September 1510 am - 2 pm Lecture Center Plaza (aka the Quad)https://sustainability.uic.edu/events/transportation-fair/
    UIC Urban ForumThursday, September 18
    lunch timeUIC Forumhttp://www.uicurbanforum.org/Free Lunch
    Involvement FairWednesday, September 310-2Quad

    Once you have successfully completed the Eco-Educator training session, please indicate the events you would like to work. Events are given to volunteers on a first-come, first serve basis, coupled with prior Eco-Educator experience.

    Eco-Educator Event Sign up

    • please give name of event
    • please give name of event


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