The Future of Carbon: Northwestern Climate Change Symposium

Date(s) - 05/16/2014
12:00 am

Northwestern University

Learn about contemporary climate issues:

Shale gas and fracking
Geological storage of CO2
Carbon capture and transport
Biological carbon sequestration
Supercritical carbon
Challenges of carbon management
Talk titles include:

“A Blast of Gas: Global Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resources and Earth’s Hot Future”
“Metal-Organic Frameworks as Low Pressure Storage Materials for Natural Gas”
“Towards Sustainable Energy: Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage”
“The Role and Future of CO2 Storage in Reducing Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions”
“Doing What Comes Naturally: What About Terrestrial Carbon Sequestration?”
“CO2– Use It or Lose It! How CO2 Can Be Used to Extract Geothermal Energy Instead of Being Lost to the Atmosphere”
“The Unimportance (At Best) of Methane and Black Carbon Mitigation in Climate Protection Strategy”

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