ELPC Thinks

Date(s) - 02/25/2014
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Environmental Law & Policy Center

ELPC Thinks welcomes Dr. George Crabtree for a discussion on how battery storage innovation is changing the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry, with potential favorable impacts for solar energy storage as well. Dr. Crabtree is leading a project at Argonne, in partnership with other national laboratories, universities, businesses and scientists, that seeks to develop batteries with 5 times the energy density of today’s batteries at 1/5 the cost within 5 years. Dr. Crabtree will discuss his research and its potential for transforming both the EV industry and the electricity grid. Dr. Crabtree has won numerous awards and most recently became the second recipient of the prestigious Kammerlingh Onnes Prize in 2003, which is awarded every three years.This discussion will be moderated by Followed by a Q&A session, lunch will be served.


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