Green Event Guides

  • Welcome to the newly established Green Event Guides!  These guides will help UIC event organizers host an event in a sustainable manner, regardless of the content or theme!  These guides were created as a result of the 2013 Chancellor’s Committee on Sustainability and Energy (CCSE) Report, which recommended the creation of “campus-wide UIC Green Event Planning Guide”.  In the Spring 2014 CCSE Events and Activities meeting, it was decided amongst the committee members to create various  guides, to account for the differing types of events on campus.  Today there are five event guides for your use.

    1. UIC Green Event Guide for Departments

    2. UIC Green Event Guides for Student Organizations

    3. UIC Green Event Guide for Student Centers

    4. UIC Green Event Guide for Catering Services

    5. UIC Green Event Guide for the Forum and Pavilion

    For quick facts on sustainability concepts in the Green Event Guides, check out this Green Event Guides Fact Sheet!


    How to use the Green Event Guides

    If you are an event host or organizer, please utilize the Guides to gain tips on how to make your event less wasteful and resource intensive.  Simply click on the tab “Guides”, and find the Guide for you.


    1.  Download the “Green Event Guide” that is most related to your event (i.e. if you are a student group, use the “Green Event Guide for Student Organizations”)

    2. Throughout the planning and management of your event, simply “check off” tasks that you were able to accomplish.  All guides have check boxes next to each suggestion.

    3. Send your completed Event Guide to the Office of Sustainability at  A staff member will grade your completed guide, and award you a certificate!  The more points you accomplish, the higher level of a certificate you will receive.  You will then be featured on our website as hosting a qualified UIC Green Event!

    Why use the Green Event Guides?

    1.  Lessen your environmental impact. These guides offer quick and simple suggestions on how to make your event more sustainable!  We include many recommendations including generating participation, recycling and waste minimization, transportation and food and beverage.  By using the Office of Sustainability’s Green Event Guides, you are helping UIC reduce it’s greenhouse gas emissions and be more sustainable!

    2. Be more marketable! Completing a Green Event Guide after hosting an event, whether it be a small staff meeting or an organized annual event such as an office retreat, you are letting others in the community know that you care about being sustainable!  The Office of Sustainability will also feature you on our website as a Green Event! Once completed, you will receive a certificate from our office that you can frame and hang at your office or organization headquarters!

  • Coming soon in the 2014-2015 year!