Campus Resources

Here you will find information about sustainability-related UIC initiatives and programs. Click on the links to find more about each initiative.

Recycling & Waste Minimization

Here, you can find more about how recycling works at UIC, what materials are recyclable, information about donating and receiving free office and laboratories supplies as well as information about our recycling data.

Active Transportation

We have listed information about how can you get to, from, and around campus without using a single-occupancy car such as bicycling, car pooling, using public transportation, using the UIC Shuttle and Commuter buses, and other sources for car-sharing.


On this page, you can find out how UIC is reducing energy by becoming more energy efficient and installing solar panels on buildings.

Green Buildings

Here, you can find out how green building standards have been incorporated into the UIC campus building standards and a formal green building policy is currently being developed.

Sustainability Fee

Learn how student fees are being applied to fund small, short-term projects and help subsidize larger, long-term projects on campus.

Dining & Catering Services

Find out how UIC Dining Services is going green by incorporating healthier, more sustainable food options.


This page highlights projects that reduce UIC’s water usage.

Green Labs

Did you know that UIC research labs threw away about 70,000 pounds of hazardous waste each year and that the laboratories consume over 5 times the energy as a typical house? Go here to find out how research labs can reduce their environmental impact.

Earth Month

Since 2008, the Office of Sustainability at UIC has presented a diverse array of fun and educational events during our Earth Month celebration. Scheduled every year during the month of April these activities provide outreach to UIC students, staff and faculty.  To search for scheduled Earth Month events, please check out our calendar of events.

Tree Campus USA

Visit this page to learn how UIC became, and is maintaing its Tree Campus USA status. Tree Campus USA recognizes college and university campuses that effectively manage their trees, promote student involvement and develop connectivity with the surrounding community through forestry efforts.

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